Top photographer

For episode 1 the photographers are taking photo of miles doing photo’s. I would be very nervous to be in this show because they really looked at every detail in the photo. In this episode they are looking for a story from the photographer, which Roxy captures. In Episode 2 the photographers would be shooting a models campaign. All photographers do good but one guy I forgot his name had gotten kicked out for a extra looking picture if you know what I mean since obviously you watched it.

Framing a subject

For these pictures I like to think that I had good composition. For the editing I had cropped and changed around the colors to make it a little warmer. I would definitely change where I would take pictures because I don’t like bad backgrounds. I would like to have a black background or a more nature background because there would be a pretty background and perfect model for the background. I don’t think that my pictures are as good because they never make it to the front of the websites but I enjoy taking pictures and hope one is good enough to make it to the front.


This photo is from Martyna Maczka and I like this photo because it’s color and meaning. This picture is called Journey to the unknown and it is very accurate with the name. I like the space theme and planets in the sky. I also like the girl on the swing and the elephant in the middle. This picture has a lot of meaning and its good. This would be one of my favorite surrealism picture because I am a fan of space. This would be defiantly be something I would see in my dream because my dreams are fun and really really weird. This person was really trying to point out that whatever, wherever you travel in life, it would end up being such a journey into a place you may not know.

Camera modes

Automatic Mode: This mode controls shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance , focus and flash. This mode makes sure that your picture comes out as nice as possible.

Portrait Mode: Going to portrait the mode will go to a large aperture so the background is blurry and the thing you are taking a picture of will remain focus. It works better when you are photographing a subject or a person.

Macro Mode: This mode lets you be closer to smaller objects and different thing you can do. When taking a picture it’s better if you don’t use the flash because they wont come out the way you want it. It would be burnt out.

Landscape Mode: This mode has a small aperture to make sure you picture has as much as focus. This is good for capturing wide scenes and distances from the camera.

Sports Mode: This mode is for things in movement. Like cars, sports, pets, wildlife. When using this mode you will get things in movement.

Night Mode: This mode is made for shooting in low light places. It is set to capture details.

Movie Mode: This mode captures moving images. It also takes a lot of space in your memory storage then image.

Aperture Priority Mode (A or AV): This mode is when you can choose the aperture, shutter speed, white balances, ISO and etc.

Shutter Priority Mode (S or TV): This mode is for controlling shutter speed . When taking a picture for sports you would want your shutter speed to be fast so you can get a good photo.

Program Mode (P): This mode gives you control of flash, ISO, and balance.

Manual Mode: In this mode you are in full control of your camera. All of the mode you can control but you must need to know how to control it.

Alternative Camera Angels

ISO:100, 2.23mm, F 1/500

ISO:100, 2.19, F 1/640

ISO:100, 2.38, F 1/400

ISO: 100, 7.36, F 1/200



I chose this picture because it was a low angel and nice. This picture really stood out to me because of the red. The red is what really captures my attention from the model.

Conceptual self portrait

ISO: 100, F, 1/250, 3.11 mm

When doing an assignment about myself I seem to be stuck. There is really nothing important of myself to really show through a picture, so it was difficult for me to create an idea for a conceptual. Conceptual is an idea that comes across from a picture to a viewer from a photographer. Take a book for instance, when you begin a book you are just intaking the information that you are reading and the author is capturing your focus by a suspenseful part. A photographer can do that in just one picture using people as models or props, out of anything really. That’s what makes photography a beautiful subject, you can capture anything in a push of a button and a sound of a click which justifies that the moment has been capture. I think that this picture represents me quite well. For me I always believed that in any type of art, music, and photos it should be for the viewer. I don’t like to share the reasoning behind a photo I take only because I would like for people to try and guess it. I don’t know if that makes sense to others. I would like people to have there thoughts because one’s mind is full of so much possibilities and so much endings and that makes it so much better. Everyone has their own opinions but that’s mine. If anyone would want to know I would just tell them personally because that would ruin every one else’s train of thought. One thing I will share from this picture (so I get some points) would be the flowers. I am the flower floating away. Since I really don’t like sharing things publicly, that makes It harder for people to really get to know me. When I am talking with someone one on one I become more open. I guess that depends on that person soooo ya!

I like this picture of Cindy Sherman because of her creativity . Some will think of it weird or ugly, but I think of this like its entering her mind on how she see’s things. To me its quiet brilliant. There is so much to look at, like the background, eyelashes on her eyebrows, and big lips.. To me the background looks like a puzzle that was created. And maybe that’s the person who finished the puzzle!! ( :

Depth of field explained

When using depth of field you are focusing on the main thing you are taking a picture of. When you have a main thing to focus on the background is blurry. The aperture plays a main role in depth of field only because you need to make sure that the aperture is not to big for that it will ruin the picture depending on how you want it. Depth of field also involves how the lens is controlled.